Which province of Canada is it best to immigrate to?

Future immigrants are looking for a new place of residence in Canada based on such important factors as the cost of living, the availability of job vacancies, the level of salaries and the possibility of moving through one of the immigration programs. At the stage of registration in the Express Entry online system, you can select the provinces that you prefer. And to make it easier to decide, get acquainted with their features.

It all depends on skills and experience

To make the adaptation as easy as possible, be guided in your choice by the focus of the selected provinces of Canada. Each of them has individual programs, or PNPs, allowing the selection of immigrants according to certain criteria. These programs are developed based on the needs of the regions for specialists in various fields. The misconception that it is easier to immigrate to some territories is wrong. If you meet the selection criteria, then this significantly increases the chances of getting a nomination from a particular region.

So, to make your final decision, consider:

  • the purpose of the move (training, work, starting your own business);
  • the language you know the best (English / French);
  • the nature of the area (metropolis, small cities/towns);
  • the profile of your education;
  • affordability of housing;
  • experience in the specialty;
  • work experience in Canada.

Further prospects depend, first of all, on experience and skills.

Ranking provinces in terms of immigration

  1. Ontario is one of the largest provinces in Canada, focused on attracting investors and young professionals. Immigrants with a Canadian university education or work experience in the country, as well as businessmen with promising ideas, can count on getting a promising position here. Thanks to the numerous Russian-speaking diasporas, the settlers are quickly "overgrown" with connections.The largest city in the country, Toronto, is located in the province of Ontario, which significantly increases the chances of candidates for getting a high-paying job. By the way, it is here, on the very border with the North American states, that the pride of Canada Niagara Falls is located.
  2. British Columbia is Canada's warmest province with a mild climate, located on the Pacific coast. Immigration under one of the provincial programs is available for specialists in a wide range of professions. British Columbia prioritizes tech workforce and entrepreneurs.
  3. Manitoba is a developed business, cultural and industrial territory located in the heart of Canada. The province boasts the richest natural resources, so it is not surprising that the agricultural industry is so well developed here. But this is not the only area of activity for Manitoba. Also, specialists in the field of industry, construction and trade are in demand here. When choosing it, keep in mind that this province has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.
  4. Alberta is the westernmost province of the country. The oil and gas industry as well as the financial sector are the best developed here. Alberta boasts low taxes compared to other territories in Canada and high salaries in the largest cities: Calgary and Edmond. Alberta is called the most beautiful province of Canada for the splendor of its nature.
  5. Saskatchewan is a province of prairies and immigrants. In recent years, this territory has been breaking records for the number of immigrants. Compared to other provinces in Canada, it has some of the lowest salaries (11.45CAD per hour), but the prices for living are appropriate. The basis of the economy is almost half of agriculture, mainly the cultivation of grain crops. Also, the region is in the TOP-3 for the extraction of minerals (oil, gas), which gives the province's economy financial stability. In addition to farmers, energy and construction workers are in demand in Saskatchewan.
  6. Quebec is the largest province in Canada suitable for French-speaking settlers. This is especially true for students, because its universities are considered one of the best in the world. It should be said right away that Quebec does not participate in the Express Entry system (it is replaced by the Certificat de sélection du Québeс). There are a huge number of programs here, suitable for almost all candidates with knowledge of the French language. This region is unique in its own way. Its laws, programs and social principles are very different from those of other provinces. Immigrants with children here can count on receiving social benefits.

If you have already acquired an Express Entry profile, but have not yet received a specific offer from an employer in Canada, this is an excuse to apply for a nomination from one of the provinces. This is relevant for qualified specialists from abroad with work experience of 1 year or more.