TOP professions for immigrants in Canada

The success of the economy is largely due to highly qualified personnel employed in its various spheres. Despite the low unemployment rate, in order to maintain the pace of development, the Canadian authorities are forced to attract foreign specialists, offering candidates various immigration programs.

The annual influx of labor immigrants from different countries clearly reflects the demand for skills and knowledge of workers. However, some specialties are prioritized. If you find your profession in this TOP list, then the chances of getting an invitation to move to a country or a specific province will be much higher.

1. Sales Associate or sales representative

The vacancy of a sales representative is one of the most demanded in large cities of different provinces. Successful businesses are interested in growing sales, so in 2021, you can find 8,632 job offers as a sales agent in the ad bank in 2021 in various fields: from a retail supervisor to a broker and a real estate agent.

Employers attract specialists from B2B and B2C segments and offer them a salary of about 64,000 CAD per month, excluding bonuses.

2. Software Developer

It is easy for tech professionals in the 21st century to find work in any developing country. Canadian employers are ready to offer employees in this area a high rate of 43 CAD / hour. The introduction of innovations and fresh ideas allow large companies to occupy a competitive position in the service market, which is possible thanks to certified and talented engineers and IT developers.

Currently, more than 4,000 vacancies for software engineers, web designers and developers have been posted in the ad bank.

3. Accountant

Managing bank accounts in any disciplined country cannot be imagined without the services of a professional accountant. This specialty has not left the list of the most demanded professions in the Canadian labor market for 5 years. Those wishing to find a job on the vacancy of a financial manager, auditor or accountant in Canada can count on a salary of 63,000 CAD per month. The salary of a specialist will depend on the skill level and experience of the employee.

4. Truck driver

It is generally accepted that in Canada there is an insufficiently developed railway service within the country. This makes the profession of truckers very much in demand. Readiness for long journeys, attentiveness and perseverance are the main qualities of drivers, but fewer young Canadians are considering this profession for themselves. If you are ready to connect your life with Canadian roads, then you can count on an average rate of 21 to 23 CAD / hour. Requirements for candidates cannot be called high - having a license with the appropriate category and driving experience for more than 1 year.

5. Registered nurse

Immigrants wishing to work in the healthcare sector will need a license. But you will have to spend 1.5-2 years on training in order to get a diploma of the initial stage of nursing. The fact is that the procedure for confirming a Russian nursing diploma is rather complicated and not always successful. In addition, you will need to perfectly learn English and get at least 7.5 points in 4 areas of the exam test. On average, nurses in Canada earn from 41 CAD / hour.

6. Welder

Russian immigrants get a job as a welder on a permanent basis or on a rotational basis. Employers make loyal requirements for applicants - complete secondary education and mandatory internship. The average salary in the specialty is 24 CAD / hour. Salary level depends on skills and qualifications.

7. Teacher

The doors of educational institutions in Canada are open to educational professionals. By local standards, the work of a teacher is prestigious and well paid. Initially, teachers of general education schools and vocational colleges can count on a rate of 25 CAD / hour. Candidates with a pedagogical education will need to obtain a license and master one of the state languages to the advanced level.

8. Caregiver/nanny

In recent years, babysitting or residential care has been in high demand in Canada due not only to the coronavirus pandemic, but also to the aging of the nation as a whole. In the province of Ontario, the authorities have developed a special Live in Caregiver program, which allows immigrants to obtain residence permit status after 2 years of work. Requirements for professions can be called moderate: the presence of secondary vocational education (ideally medical), knowledge of the language and work experience in the specialty. The average rate for a nurse in the country is approximately 36 CAD / hour, besides, there is a demand for such employees in any province.

9. Electrician

The development of industry and construction in Canada is driving a strong demand for the services of professional electricians. Earnings, as in the case of other professions, depend on the candidate's level of education and experience. On average, at the initial stage, without work experience, electricians can count on a rate of 17 CAD / hour. After a couple of years of work in the specialty, this indicator almost doubles. But getting a job as an electrician in Canada is not easy due to the high competition in the labor market. Today this profession is one of the most popular among young people.

10. General laborer - handyman

The profession of a handyman assumes a minimum level of training for the candidate. As a rule, this is the presence of a school certificate (sometimes a secondary education diploma may be required) and a little work experience - from 1 year. Despite the large influx of low-skilled workers, the assistant vacancy remains in demand in almost all sectors of the economy. The average salary of a handyman is 18 CAD / hour.

Ready to look for your dream job? Check the requirements of the different provinces in advance to calculate your odds. Every immigrant who comes to the country for employment must earn a certain number of Express Entry points. To find out the approximate number of points you can collect, use the online calculator.