Salaries in Canada

In most cases the key argument in the issue of immigration is high salaries in Canada. It is true that in the land of the maple leaf labor is highly valued. Even without a highly qualified profession, workers from abroad can expect to receive the minimum wage set by the authorities of each particular province.

Features of salaries in Canada

The average salary in Canada depends on the profession, skill level and experience of the employee. In 2021, an average specialist with higher education and work experience of up to 8 years receives about 51,000 CAD per year. The amount varies depending on the industry and the position held. But, focusing on these figures, you can get a rough idea of the value of labor in this country.

Usually, when looking for job seekers, local employers indicate the amount of payment per hour or per year. This indicator cannot be less than the regional established minimum. Today, the minimum wage in Canada is in the province of Saskatchewan. It is 10.96 CAD / hour. The highest minimum wage is in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario (15 CAD / hour) Wages are indexed annually, outpacing the rise in inflation.

As in any other country, Bachelors, Masters, and PhD holders, even in the early stages of their careers, can expect a higher income in almost any field of employment.

Professions and salaries

The ranking of the highest paid professions in Canada will help you to assess your chances as an employee abroad.

  1. The average salary for a medical practitioner in Canada is CAD 8,500 per month. The most advantageous salary position is for surgeons and dentists. The high salary is explained by the long training period and its no less high cost.
  2. IT industry specialists. Due to the active development and widespread introduction of technologies, the popularity of this area is growing every year. The salary of a software developer in Canada is approximately 6,250 CAD per month. The shortage of qualified personnel leads to a high level of remuneration.
  3. Engineers are in high demand in the Canadian job market. The approximate salary for an engineer in Canada is CAD 6,600 per month, but it varies depending on job category. The highest salaries are offered to design engineers in the construction industry.
  4. Educators and teachers of school education on average receive from 3,500 to 4,000 CAD per month. But in order to apply for a vacancy, you are obliged to obtain an appropriate license and have a Canadian university education.
  5. The Canadian labor market offers a wide range of jobs in the transportation services industry. Among immigrants, the most promising profession is considered to be a truck driver, whose average salary is 3,600 CAD per month. Due to the low popularity of the profession among the local population, some transport companies are even ready to provide immigration assistance to foreigners with a driving license of the corresponding category and driving experience.
  6. Service workers can generally count on the lowest wage rates. Depending on the offered vacancy, the spread in salary amounts ranges from 2,600 to 3,000 CAD per month. For example, the average salary of a waiter in Canada is 25,000 - 27,000 CAD per year, or approximately 2,700 CAD / month.

Naturally, unskilled labor is paid much lower. In Canada salaries per month vary depending on the province. So, in 2021, the highest rates are offered by the province of Alberta, and the lowest rates are on the territory of Prince Edward Island.